Thursday, September 8, 2016

Running: Would You Rather

Borrowing this survey from Kristina

1. Have a post race beer or a post race dessert? 

Dessert, for sure! Not a fan of beer under almost any circumstances. (My beer tickets on race bibs generally just go to waste.)

2. Run with a blister the whole time or a side stitch the whole time?

I think a blister. Though either would suck, I think the blister is a discomfort less integrally involved with the running process itself, so would be easier to try to ignore or zone out from. 

3. Run alone or run with friends for every run of an entire training cycle?

Alone! I do for every training cycle, anyway. Running or training with friends is pretty rare in my life. Running is a zoning out/clear out my mind kind of activity more so than a social activity; outside of races, I've done maybe 1% of my total runs ever with other people.

4. Run a flat race in the heat or a hilly race in the cold?

I guess that depends on exactly how hot or cold, and how hilly, we're talking about. But I think I enjoy the Foot Traffic Flat - which is indeed flat and on July 4th so easily reaching the 80s by the time I'm done, much more than I enjoyed the hilly Seattle Half marathon when it was 20s and rainy, so probably flat in the heat. 

5. Run a 5K or a marathon?

Definitely depends - but more likely a 5k. I think overall my inherent "talent" (such as it is, which is to say, not much) at running is more geared towards speed than distance.

6. Run without music or without your GPS?

Without music. I used to be much better about doing most of my runs without headphones - currently I actually don't usually listen to music, but podcasts, but I am usually listening to something. But I'd forego that if the alternative was to not have my data to analyze afterward!

7. Train through the winter for a spring race or through the summer for a fall race?

Train through the summer for a fall race. Fall is almost always my main goal race for the year. It doesn't help that winter overlaps significantly with tax season, so it's virtually impossible to get much quality training done then, but I think it'd be challenging myself to get out as much in the dark, damp winter regardless. 

8. Would you rather give up running for 1 year to get a BQ or never BQ but run as much as you want?

Given that the amount of running and dedication it would take to BQ is much more than running as much as I want, I think I'd give it up for a year to get the BQ. It definitely sucks to not be running (I can't believe it's been a month since I've run, currently!) but sometimes it's what's best in the long run. 

9. Always run in shorts or always run in tights?

I guess this depends in part on how well fitting the shorts are - non-chafing shorts depend on both the shorts and my current body shape/weight and can be quite difficult to actually exist. But weather wise I'd rather be slightly too warm than too cold, so I guess I'd go with tights. 

10. Run an ultra marathon or do a triathlon?

Triathlon, since I already do triathlons and have yet to tackle an ultra. I have a long ways to go in mastering the marathon distance before trying to go further, but triathlon offers a lot of variation in distance and thus opportunity to master the specific type you're best capable of doing. 

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  1. 1. BEER! I love a post-run beer on a hot day & don't really like sugar.
    2. Same, blister, because although it would suck, I could still run through it.
    3. Alone - I do almost every run alone anyway.
    4. Probably hilly/cold because heat just destroys me.
    5. Don't care, either.
    6. Without music, because I virtually never run with music anyway.
    7. Always prefer training through the summer because all the holidays interfere with winter training. (Also, yeah, the daylight issue.)
    8. I don't think I could give up running for a year for anything.
    9. Shorts -- it has to be really, really cold for me to contemplate anything else.
    10. Ultra because I am terrified of bikes & open water swimming!


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