Monday, August 8, 2016

Week of August 1 - 7: The Last Run


Monday: Run/walk 1.6 miles (15:50 pace)

Tuesday: Rest day

Wednesday: 3 Day Rotation weights (20 min)

Thursday: Rest day

Friday3 Day Rotation kickboxing (20 min)

Saturday: Unplanned rest day - unless assembling Ikea furniture counts? The baby's room is starting to resemble a nursery!

Sunday: Oregon Trail Game 5k - 41:49 (13:29 pace), but I died of starvation. 

Total running: 4.7 miles
Average daily steps: 8,304

Running has gradually been getting more uncomfortable and less enjoyable, but I was registered for a 5k this week and knew I needed to do a little to maintain and be ready for that (and still somewhat enjoyable, some days more so than others). I'm extremely glad I did this race, but I'm pretty sure it was my last run until after the baby arrives. 

This means a 3 month break (2 months, give or take, until baby, and then another 4 - 6 weeks postpartum), which is by far the longest break since I started running consistently in the summer of 2010*. I really am sad to give it up, even temporarily, and it's kind of hard to swallow this as one of my current limitations, but it's necessary, and I know I'll be back at it before I know it. 

*I have spreadsheets tracking my mileage beginning in fall of 2012. I have to go back to February 2013 to even find a calendar week without at least one run, and that 8-day stretch appears to be the longest without. Prior to that, going a week without a run is more plausible, but I doubt it was ever more than two weeks.

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  1. That is a long streak! I know you will miss it. Hopefully you can enjoy some walks :)


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