Monday, May 16, 2016

NROLFW Phase 1 Week 1


Monday: 2.5 miles (13:11 pace) + NROLFW phase 1 workout A

Tuesday: Bike trainer 4.5 miles (13.4 mph, 61 rpm)

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: Run 2.7 miles (13:48 pace)

Friday: Swim 1,000 yards

Saturday: Unplanned rest day

Sunday: Portland Parks 5k (34:58 - 11:16 pace) + NROLFW phase 1 workout B

Total swimming: 1,000 yards
Total biking: 4.5 miles
Total running: 8.3 miles
Average daily steps: 10,523

Wanting to continue doing some kind of weight lifting during pregnancy, I decided to just restart the New Rules program. With some adaptions of course - so far leaving out some ab/core exercises, though I plan to do some looking into what alternatives I might be able to safely sub in.

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