Wednesday, March 9, 2016

February PDX Restaurant: The Maple Parlor


I've been meaning to go to Eb & Bean, a frozen yogurt spot with vegan options, for quite a while, since seeing it pop up on Instagram now and then. We were going to go there while on the east side meeting up with friends for lunch (at Next Level Burger!), but one of them pointed out there was a similar option just down the street from where we were on Hawthorne - The Maple Parlor. So we all headed there instead for dessert, satisfying a couple of vegetarians and our omnivore friends. 

The Maple Parlor tries to cater towards as many dietary needs as possible, with everything clearly labeled as vegan, gluten-free, paleo, or whatever. 

Genre: Frozen yogurt

Price: I don't recall specifically and it's not on the website, but they're priced by dish size, rather than weight like conventional fro yo places. I think they were priced something like $2.50, $3.50, and $4.50, with the medium being a quite reasonable size. 

Setting: Self-serving frozen yogurt and toppings.

What we tried: I tried two of the vegan flavors - almond cherry and cashew maple, with waffle cone pieces, chocolate chips, and a chocolate sauce. Abe liked the mango carrot, and our friends enjoyed the non-vegan yogurt flavors. 

Overall impression: All very good! While I could definitely tell the yogurt I had wasn't dairy based, it was pretty good. Having a mix of bases - all clearly labeled - makes this a place with something for everyone. 

Would I take my parents?*: Definitely! 

*Scale: Heck no. No. Probably not. Maybe. Eh, yeah. Yes. Definitely. 

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