Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Five: Dining Out with Omnivores

Linking up today with MarCynthia, and Courtney for Friday Five.

Especially after the 22-day challenge in January, I'm leaning more and more vegan-ish. But plenty of people in my life anything but! If I want to go out for lunch with my coworkers, dinner with my in-laws, or drinks with probably about half of my friends, I'll need to be as accommodating to their preferences as I'd like them to be to mine. 

Here's what I've come up with so far as some options that have truly vegan options (not just like, well, we can do a house salad without the bacon...?) but aren't fully vegan so everyone can find what they want. (And as far as supporting vegan versus nonvegan businesses - I think there's something to be said for letting mainstream companies know you support them providing vegan options! It'll probably never become their sole thing, but it certainly might increase as a percentage.)

1. Personal pizza places. All those quick-oven-fired pizza places that are popping up all over are perfect for letting you get your own thing, while everyone else enjoys a conventional pizza. Spots like MOD and Blaze even have non-dairy cheese available (in addition to the option of just not getting any cheese). 

2. Thai restaurants. You can get tofu for your "meat", and otherwise be enjoying the same dishes as everyone else! Do be aware of recipes that could have non-vegan ingredients like fish sauce (or, uh, just choose not to ask if it's not obvious and remain blissfully unaware), and ask to have the eggs left off things like pad see ew. Thai Basil in Lake Oswego is my favorite in the Portland area.

3. Chipotle, or other built-your-own Mexican food. Everyone can customize to their hearts' content. Chipotle's beans, rice, and sofritas are all vegan; just leave off the cheese and sour cream. 

4. Middle Eastern food. While others try meat kabobs, you can enjoy a mezze with hummus, baba ghanoush, and tabbouleh. Habibi and Ya Hala are a couple of Lebanese restaurants in Portland I've liked. 

5. Places with full veg menus or clearly marked veg options. Departure is an upscale such restaurant we went to recently. This list of veg-friendly restaurants from NW Veg provides a lot of options. Cafe Yumm is a great for a quick and casual pick. 


  1. Great tips. I'm not vegan but I like trying different places and it's important to be able to keep everybody happy as best as you can.

    1. Absolutely! I think there can be some places with surprisingly few options, but if you put a little thought into there are lots of places like these with something everyone can be happy with!

  2. Replies
    1. They're great! We had a couple new ones pop up near us this past summer, it's actually been a while since we've gone it's definitely time!


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