Monday, December 14, 2015

NROLFW Phase 6 Week 1


Monday: Run 3.0 miles (13:39 pace) + NROLFW phase 6 workout A

Tuesday: Run 1 mile (13:43 pace) + bike trainer 7.3 miles (14.5 mph, 77 rpm)

Wednesday: Run 3.1 miles (12:50 pace)

Thursday: Run 1 mile (12:50 pace) + bike trainer 10.9 miles (14.5 mph, 67 rpm)

Friday: Run 2.15 miles (12:41 pace) + bike trainer 7.1 miles (14.0 mph, 64 rpm)

Saturday: Run 1.miles (12:55 pace) + NROLFW phase 6 workout B

Sunday: Run 2.5 miles (11:18 pace)

Total biking: 25.30 miles
Total running: 13.75 miles

An odd week, in a few ways. One personal reason, which I'll talk about here once I've filled in some people in real life. 

Also because of the ridiculous rain storms we had. The worst day was Monday, there was flooding all over the place, but both the rain, flooding, and mudslides continued throughout the week. When the managing partner sent an email Monday afternoon that if we needed to leave early, work from home the next day, etc., it was fine, I didn't think much of it. My commute is almost entirely up one freeway, just a couple blocks of streets on either end. That freeway got closed due to flooding of a nearby creek! I ended up commuting - from one westside suburb to another westside suburb - by driving NE towards the edge of downtown Portland and then west back out home. That should not have ever been the best way to drive home, but it was due to the other closed freeway (and actually had surprisingly light traffic on the open freeways). (Otherwise, my part of town actually stayed relatively unaffected. If some inconvenient rerouting was the worst thing I experienced, I was pretty lucky!).

The rain kept me from doing a bit more running than I would have liked to do otherwise, but I'm pretty proud of myself for at least getting in one soggy mile every day and keeping the running streak going.

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