Monday, December 7, 2015

A Week of a Cold


Monday: Run 2.6 miles (12:10 pace)

Tuesday: Run 1 mile (13:58 pace)

Wednesday: Run 3.1 miles (13:33 pace)

Thursday: Run 3.3 miles (12:35 pace)

Friday: Run 1 mile (13:03 pace) + bike trainer 7.5 miles (14.9 mph, 73 rpm)

Saturday: Run 1 mile with strides (11:30 pace)

Sunday: Run 0.5 warm-up (13:28 pace) + Ho Ho 5k (29:49 unofficial time - 9:37 pace) + bike trainer 14.4 miles (14.3 mph, 70 rpm)

Total biking: 21.9 miles
Total running: 15.6 miles

I really intended to get back into the next New Rules phase this week, but this cold was being relentless. It was worst Sunday through Tuesday, then better during the day, but still super stuffy at night and not getting much quality sleep. Figured it'd be better to err on the side of giving my body more time to rest before giving it something else to recover from with weights.

But I felt close enough to normal by this Sunday to jump in and give PR effort in the 5k race - it's my last race of the year, after all. Considering I haven't been doing speedwork or training for this, I'm pretty happy with getting within 35 seconds of my PR - and most of all getting another sub-30 time!

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