Monday, November 2, 2015

Week of Oct 26 - Nov 1


Monday: Bike trainer 6.2 miles (12.3 mph, 60 rpm)

Tuesday: Run 2.3 miles (13:10 pace)

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: Ballet class (75 min)

Friday: Run 3.25 miles (13:43 pace)

Saturday: No Meat Athlete group run 4.4 miles (10:58 pace) + bike trainer 10.0 miles (12.1 mph, 68 rpm)

Sunday: Run 2.55 miles (13:24 pace)

Total biking: 16.2 miles
Total running: 12.5 miles

An off week, a couple evening activities plus just being tired and dealing with some stressors. Decided to take off the week from weights, and barely made it to double digit running miles! But fit in a couple bike trainer rides, as well as for the first time joining a group run! The group was faster than I really should be doing, I don't think I'll join every single week, but it wasn't too fast to keep up with (as such fear as in part kept me from seeking any running groups in the past), and was enjoyable. Enjoyable yet also a bit draining, a different sort of activity than running usually is for me, so I don't think I'll join up every weekend, but at least on occasion.

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