Monday, November 23, 2015

Week of Nov 16 - 22


Monday: Swim 2,000 yards + run 2.65 miles (13:22 pace)

Tuesday: Bike trainer 11.5 miles (14.1 mph, 73 rpm) + yoga (25 min)

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday am: Bike trainer 4.25 miles (12.8 mph, 59 rpm)
Thursday pm: Ballet class (75 min)

Friday am: Run 2.25 miles (13:32 pace)
Friday pm: Swim 1,500 yards

Saturday: NMA group run 2.85 miles (11:43 pace) + bike trainer 22.5 miles (14.8 mph, 79 rpm)

Sunday: Yoga class (90 min) + hike 2.7 miles 

Total swimming: 3,500 yards
Total biking: 38.5 miles
Total running: 7.75 miles

A week off in between phases of New Rules; will get back into weights with the next phase this week (phase 6 out of 7! almost done!). 

This weekend was cold but clear and beautiful, so I made sure to get some time outside to enjoy it, before it starts raining nonstop.


  1. Variety :) and a good focus on flexibility! Great swim/ bike mileage. .

    1. Yeah, I felt like a slacker for my low running mileage, but I think I made up for it elsewhere!


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