Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Benefits of TTC

You might think that trying to conceive is just the means to an end that you get through the best you can (especially if you're dealing with health issues that might negatively impact it). However, the process also has some unexpected benefits. (Some might include the amount of sex as a benefit, too, though in my opinion at a certain point that might cease to be a positive.)

1. Since you have to wake up at roughly the same time to take your temperature for charting to be reasonably accurate, I've started naturally waking up earlier - and more importantly being alert enough to even get out of bed rather than falling back to sleep (some days), and not always getting up at the last minute. Even on weekends!

2. You can laugh at your husband for thinking the doctor was talking about "glutenizing" hormone. 

3. I'm the least reliant on caffeine that I've been in a really long time (like, since middle school, probably, before I bought code red mountain dew all the time in high school). I have only one can of diet coke each morning (about 45 mg - less than a third of what's in an average cup of coffee), and occasionally a cup of tea in the afternoon. No multiple servings of diet coke, no energy drinks. 

4. Your husband will, without complaint, be the designated driver and let you enjoy cocktails at any dinner out, during the two weeks of the month where you assuredly can.

5. My self-imposed restriction on exercising over a certain intensity threshold means I'm defaulting to an aerobic base building period that I probably really needed to do to continue making progress in my running. 

6. After taking ovulation predictor tests for a really long portion of a really long cycle, I've become quite talented at peeing in a cup. 


  1. That peeing-in-a-cup talent is not to be underestimated! The number of times women have to pee in a cup for various reasons means it's just that much easier if you're good at it. Unlike me.

    1. Yes! As it got easier over the course of the month, I thought back to some doctors appointments and realized how important a skill it was. :)


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