Monday, July 27, 2015

L Game Night

After A and C (and a break for tax season and other busyness), we skipped ahead to L (his real first initial) for Abe's birthday celebration and to continue our alliterative game night entertaining.

FYI, lychees are slimy and gross. 

Logic (a math-based card game)

We have a copy of Life from the 1960s, from Abe's grandparents. Obviously the basic structure/rules are the same, but there are some differences, including betting on the spins, that I don't think are in the current version. And everyone had to pay $2,000 for saddle horses. It was lots of fun!

Lemon-lime sparkling water
Long hammer IPA
Lunazul tequila (from J & L) 
Latte (chai)
Linden tea

Lasagna (Amy's)
Lemongrass pesto Linguine
Lentil stew with Lima beans (a staple in our dinner repertoire) 
Layered Lettuce salad with Lychee and Lime juice dressing
Late july crackers (from S)
Life cereal
Long loaf of bread with Levkar (from B & V)
Lime pie

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  1. I like the idea of letter theme, great idea for a small group setting ;)


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