Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hansons Marathon Method Week 8 & NROLFW Phase 3 Week 2 & Triathlon Training Week 1

We were in Vegas Tuesday evening through Friday evening, which made it somewhat difficult to fit in everything (between stuff to do in Vegas and the high temps - although it was rather unseasonably cool! I think the hottest day was only about 101.). But! I fit in all of the actual workouts for running (skipped easy miles), and all the non-running stuff (2x each - bike, swim, weights), even doing 4 things on Sunday to make that happen.


Monday: Swim 1,200 yards, including 450 straight

Tuesday: Speedwork run 6.5 miles (12:30) + NROLFW phase 3 workout A  (This was all prior to our flight to Vegas.)

Plan: 1 warm-up, 6 x 0.5 @ 10:00 with 0.25 recoveries, 1 cool-down
Actual: My garmin froze as I was trying to upload this run, and though I eventually did a hard shutdown and got it to work again, it ate this data. I think I remember seeing an average pace at the end of around 12:30, and I'm pretty sure none of the intervals were drastically off the goal, but tended to be a smidge over rather than under.

Wednesday: Rest day, with lots of walking around Vegas

Thursday: Treadmill tempo run 5.0 miles (in the gym at our hotel)

Plan: 1 warm-up, 5 tempo @ 12:00, 1 cool-down
Warm-up 1: 13:34
3 tempo: 12:00
Cool-down 1: 14:12

Friday: Unplanned rest day - we had grand plans to get up around 6 am and run to the welcome to Vegas sign (less than 2.5 miles from where we were staying), but ended up sleeping in instead, and it was already in the 80s by the time we got up, so no.

Saturday: Easy run 7.0 miles (13:28 pace) + bike trainer 5.75 miles (15.6 mph, 57 rpm)

Plan: 6+ (6 on schedule, more to make up for missed easy miles earlier in week) @ 13:15 - 13:45
Actual: 13:44, 13:40, 13:42, 13:06, 13:26, 13:12, 13:14

3 min warm-up easy
5 x 1 min up a gear, pedaling hard, >20 mph
4 x 2 min recovery in between
3 min cool-down easy

Sunday: Bike 4.7 miles (10.0 mph) + swim 1,000 yards + long run 10.0 miles (13:30 pace) + NROLFW phase 3 workout B

Swim: 100, 200, 400, 200 with sprinting 25 out and easy 25 back, 100

Plan: 10+ @ 12:50 - 13;20 (10 on schedule as 4th day in a row, more to make up for no run on Friday adding to fatigue)
1 - 5: 13:14, 13:54, 13:11, 13:38, 13:30
6 - 10: 12:25, 12:36, 13:27, 13:47, 14:22

Though not 4 days straight of runs, I think the bike and swim prior to the run gave back at least some of the fatigue that was intended. Miles 6 and 7 that were so quick were downhill.

Total swimming: 2,200 yards
Total biking: 10.45 miles
Total running: 28.5 miles

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