Sunday, July 12, 2015

Bend: Too Much Beer

(See the food we ate in between breweries here.)

Our goal was not just to experience beer in a place full of beer, but fill out the Bend Ale Trail Passport from the Bend visitor center. We had thoughts that we could perhaps meet the minimum 10 (to get a pint cup) in our short visit, but quickly realized that would be quite the challenge, and instead settled for 5, with plans to hopefully visit Bend again sometime later in the summer.

Technically you don't have to purchase anything, but we felt weird taking up someone's time to stamp our passports if we didn't. Eventually, though, I realized that that the scan for the app (digital version of the passport) was available in a display about the ale trail near the entrance of each place - so if you wanted to do it quickly with just stops to get stamps, I'd recommend using the app so you can scan instead of bothering waitstaff for a stamp on a paper copy of the passport.

After afternoon smoothies at Mother's Juice Cafe shortly after arriving in Bend, we walked a couple blocks to 10 Barrel Brewing. We didn't quite have our act together yet, so we each ordered a full beer. We shared a salad for the first course of dinner.

After going to Next Level Burger, we went to Goodlife Brewing Company tasting room - in the same strip mall complex - for more beers and dessert. To experience the most, we'd now come to the obvious decision to share a flight of beers at each place. I'm really not a beer fan, so it was no surprise that Abe drank more of it than me, though I did enjoy a pineapple cider. We sopped it up with the beer doughnut holes, which were amazing!

We let all that beer settle, then headed to the last brewery of the day, Silver Moon Brewing, for a late night snack of nachos and another flight. As typical, a light fruity beer - mango daze - was by far my favorite. I also didn't mind the tranquilo especial with lime.

The next day, we had lunch at Riverbend Brewing Company, along with another flight. The best one was only half beer - the Radler, which I think is basically a shandy - half beer and half lemonade.

Last on the tour was Cascade Lakes Brewing Company. Unlike the others where you could select a certain number of beers for your flight, they just have two set flights - the classics and the seasonal. We went with the classics, which was a nice variety.

And being post-dinner at Kababa, had the mudpie (ridiculously huge!) for dessert.

Whew. By the end of 5 breweries in under 48 hours, we were kind of beered out, even Abe who actually enjoys beers in general! 

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