Monday, June 29, 2015

FT Flat Half Training Week 7


Monday: Ballet class (75 min) + easy-ish run 3.0 miles (12:50 pace)

Wednesday: Ballet class (75 min) + run 2.35 miles (12:06 pace)

I started the run just to get a couple easy miles, but after hitting a faster than I expected easy-ish (while downhill) pace which happens to be about marathon goal pace (12:32), I decided to see how far I could negative split on the second mile headed home - i.e., uphill. Actually got under my half marathon goal pace! (11:23). Plus a little cooldown to finish the loop.

Friday: Treadmill run 2.5 miles (13:05 pace) + ballet workout (30 min)

Saturday: Twilight 5k in 32:17 (10:25 pace)

Sunday: Play short round of disc golf (45 min) + long-ish run 7.0 miles (12:51 avg pace), with last mile at HMGP (goal = <11:30, actual = 11:13)

Total running: 17.95 miles

Have had a few moments (Wednesday's run, Saturday's race), that have instilled a little confidence, but I'm still not sure how I'll do at the race - less than a week away now! I've done ok overall for total weekly mileage, but not as many double digit long runs as I planned to. I can blame the heat for some of my slower paces during the long runs - but it'll be just as hot for the race itself!

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