Monday, March 30, 2015

Hop Hop Half Training Week 7 & NROLFW Phase 2 Week 3a


Monday: Bike trainer 4.1 miles (16.4 mph)

Tuesday: Progression run 3.05 miles (11:27 pace) + NROLFW phase 2 workout A

Goal: 3 - 4 miles, increasing 20 - 30 sec each mile, starting at 12:00
Actual: 12:01, 11:24, 10:55

Wednesday: Easy run 3.05 miles (13:38 pace) - That was a really hard easy pace. Either my Garmin was malfunctioning, or my legs were. 

Thursday: Tempo run 3.5 miles (11:01 pace) - With coworkers.

Sunday: "Long" run 4.1 miles (12:47 pace)

Total biking: 4.1 miles
Total running: 13.7 miles

An off week, as far as energy and motivation; or we can just say I'm taking the taper very seriously. 

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