Friday, February 20, 2015

What Does "Sponsored" Mean: ClassPass

See background on my disclosure standards and why I'm doing this post here. This post will be somewhat of a living document, and I'll update it if relevant information - either my own decisions or standards set by the sponsor - changes.

Sponsor: ClassPass
Type: Comped product (direct from company)
Contract length: N/A - So far on an event-by-event basis. 
Compensation: Product only - class and small swag bag (water bottle, shirt, tote).
Terms: N/A - Not part of a formalized ambassador/affiliate program.

Sponsor hashtags
  • #passthehappy and #classpasspdx
  • #xtendbarreportland for the event I attended that was hosted by both ClassPass and Xtend Barre

My hashtags
  • #sponsored 
  • or #sponsored-ish - The one-off events aren't very formal in the sponsorship sense. Obviously they let us attend for free because they want to hook us and/or have us spread the word, but it's more of a free sample than product compensation.

Blog post disclosures
  • The labels "sponsored" and "ClassPass" will be indicated. (These are listed in the footer to the post.
  • The following disclosure will be inserted at the very top of the post: I was invited to attend the class in this post for free from ClassPass for promotional purposes, but did not receive additional compensation. Blog posting and other sharing on social media with brand hashtags was encouraged, but not required in exchange for receiving the products. All opinions are my own. Please see my ClassPass disclosure post for additional information, and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Summary of requirements: There are no explicit requirements in exchange for attending one-off free events. Sharing about the event and the company is encouraged, and will presumably improve odds of attending future events or receiving additional products/services, but was not required or explicitly requested.

How it works

I was contacted by a representative of ClassPass, to potentially do a month of their service and blog about it (though that hasn't come to pass yet (pun not intended but leaving it once I realized)), and invited to a free event while they had a couple representatives in town hosting events to promote the company. 

This was a class at a studio that participates in ClassPass' network, but this session was closed to just invited attendees, all free of charge (I presume all bloggers or otherwise active on social media). We participated in a one-hour class, and received a small swag bag (tote, shirt, water bottle, a couple small Sephora items) and had some goodies including fresh juices from a Portland company. We were able to enter a raffle for some Athleta items and a free month of ClassPass.

At no point did the company ask or require us to post about the experience, but it was encouraged and hashtags were promoted. 

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