Monday, February 16, 2015

Race Plans: Updated

I have some ambitious goals for this year, so I had a race schedule planned out early on, but of course even a couple months later, I'm already making some adjustments. Partially due to coming to grasp with reality (umm, 200 mile bike ride when I'm scared to go out for a 10 mile loop around the neighborhood? maybe not ready for that quite yet), plus scheduling trips and such. And I also realized that - due to actually doing some tax season races this year to keep myself extra motivated - I have at least one race most months of the year, so I decided to fill in the gaps and do at least one every month. 

As far as meeting my time goals for races this year, I think I'm actually on track. I plugged my 5k PR (from New Year's) into the McMillan calculator, and according to that, I should be capable of the 2:30 half I really want, as well as the 5:30 (maybe 5:00?) marathon.

So now the race plan is: 

First Run 5k
Micro Marathon 2.62
Fight for Air Climb 80 floors

PRC predict 5k - This race doesn't allow timing devices (you win by finishing closest to your prediction, not by actually coming in first). So I don't want to go for a PR, but rather a hard-ish pace that I know I can accomplish. Probably about 11:00.

Shamrock Run 5k - I think I'm going to aim for a new PR, assuming the weather is decent (it could easily be pouring rain, in which case I'd focus more on not slipping), maybe sub-10:00 pace?

Hop Hop half marathon - Aiming for sub 2:30.

Bloomsday 12k - My PR for this race is ridiculously slow compared to my 10k, which it really should be similar to (only a quarter mile longer). This is in part due to "Doomsday hill", but more so due to how often I do single-digit weekly mileage leading up to it since it's right after tax season. Since I'm training for an April half, and then a July full, that won't be the case this year, and I think I'll aim for a sub-12:00 pace (maybe even sub-11:00, depending on how things goes between now and then), to beat my 10k PR pace.

Helvetia 10k or half marathon

Foot Traffic Flat marathon

Portland Century bike - probably only 45 or 80 mile option
Hood to Coast

Portland Triathlon - I'm pretty sure I just want to stick to improving on my sprint distance time, rather than step up to the Olympic distance, considering still feel about biking and swimming.

A Very Poplar Run 5k or 10k - I found this race a few years ago, and have been meaning to do it every year since, and just haven't prioritized making it happen.

Tofurkey Trot 5k

Holiday 5k


  1. Holy cow! You're doing a marathon in July?! I can't even imagine attempting that. What are the race day temps there usually like?

    I love that you have something planned out for each month!

    1. July and August are the hottest months, but (1) that's all relative, especially to you as a Floridian :), and (2) that's actually one of the key benefits (along with that we've planning this around other fall plans): For a fall marathon, I had to do multiple long training runs in that weather. For a July marathon, only race day will be hot, the bulk of my training runs will be in June which tends to be milder (errr, and a bit wetter, but oh well).

      I've done the half at that July race for a few years, so according to my Garmin, the temp has been: 57 and 55 degrees - I think it records that at the start, so that'd be at 6:30 or 7 am. I think it's more like 75 by the end of the race. Typical July weather has highs of 70 to 80, and we get a couple weeks each year that's a hot spell of into the upper 90s or maybe pushing 100, but that's as bad as our summer gets. :)

  2. I love you have the year planned out! I am stuck winging it while I am recovering. I really like the predict a time race, I've never heard of that...but I would still be tempted to crush my time if I happen to be having a good day lol


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