Sunday, February 22, 2015

PRC 5k Training Week 8 (Race Week) & Hop Hop Half Training Week 2


Monday pm: Easy run 3.6 miles (12:56 pace)

Tuesday am: Bike trainer 3.35 miles (13.3 mph)
Tuesday pm: Tempo run 2.6 miles (10:27 pace) + easy run 2.0 miles (13:12 pace)

Ran again with my coworker Jessie, who's significantly faster than me. On Monday she ran with some other coworkers in the 7:00s range, so my fast run is her recovery run from that, I guess. :) We ran together a couple weeks ago in the low 11:00s, now in the mid 10:00s... if I keep this up running with her, I'll be beating my 5k PR in no time! This was definitely a hard effort level, but it didn't feel as hard as my 5k race effort.

Wednesday pm: Xtend Barre class (60 minutes)

Thursday pm: Fartlek run 3.0 miles (11:25 pace)

Friday pm: Easy run 3.15 miles (13:20 pace) + 1:05 plank + 0:45 wall sit

Saturday: Rest day - unplanned but I felt so tired, and hadn't had a rest or even really light day all week, so it was definitely needed.

Sunday: Run 10.1 miles: PRC 5k race (32:24 - 10:23 pace) + 7 miles (13:06 pace)

Goal: 10 - 11 miles, including 5k race at about 11:00 and rest about 13:00
5k: 10:23 average pace
Long run: 13:25, 13:43*, 12:58, 13:20, 12:54, 12:29, 12:55

*Uphill and into the wind

Total biking: 3.35 miles
Total running: 24.5 miles

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