Thursday, February 19, 2015

PMT Style Challenge: Something Not Worn in 6+ Months

This week's challenge: wear something you haven't worn in 6+ months. I truly don't have much around that I don't wear on a regular basis. Though I do tend to purchase more than I should, I can't stand having unused things taking up space, so I routinely purge out and donate things that I haven't worn for a while.

One item that's stuck around, though, that I've been wanting to use, is this burgundy button-up shirt. It tends to be ignored when I have so many comfy knits around that [sometimes can] look just as polished, along with how hard it is to roll or push up the sleeves on a non-knit. But it seems like a good thing to mix into the wardrobe now and then in a professional setting. I suppose I ought to tuck it in to look even more polished, but I'm still conscious enough of my weight, and its fluctuations - I think all my pants are either a touch too big or too small - that that's unlikely to happen.

The necklace I have had for a very very long time - from my first or second year working. Actually, this whole outfit is reminiscent of what I wore then. Which means it's likely very untrendy, but that's also the time I cared about things like ironing the crease in my pants, so I don't think it's entirely a bad thing. 

If you wear slacks/trousers on a regular basis, do you iron the creases? Actually, do you iron them at all? I may or may not have ceased doing even that...


  1. That's a pretty color! I am guilty of not ironing. If something does have wrinkles, I will just hang it up in the bathroom while showering and let the steam unwrinkle it.

    1. Does that work well enough? I've heard that tip before and just never tried it.

      I also kind of figure that for most items, as soon as you start moving around (especially sitting, for pants), they'll just end up wrinkled again...


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