Thursday, February 26, 2015

PMT Style Challenge: Belt Something (Not Pants)

Or, why wearing belts for purposes other than to hold up pants is really really weird if you think about it.

This week's challenge is to wear a belt in a way other than on pants. Can you imagine if we wore suspenders with sweaters or dresses? Like, hooked the end of the suspenders to the waistband of a dress, not holding anything up, just adding visual interest to the outfit. I realized that's what we're doing with belts. Which doesn't keep me from wearing belts as such: this year I actually have, so far with cardigans over dresses.

I still feel a bit silly when it's a cardigan with buttons; though I can say the belt is keeping the cardigan closed, it's not like it's needed to do so, the cardigan already has a built-in option to do that itself. So in order to venture into the oh so extreme territory of belting a cardigan with pants (of all things!), I was glad to have recently picked up this flyaway style sweater for cheap at Old Navy. At least in this case, the belt truly is the only available method within the outfit to keep the sweater closed. 

The other day a coworker was wearing a black sweater (not cardigan), slightly long-ish in length, with a self-belt at the natural waist. Combined with this week's challenge, got me started on the above thoughts about how arbitrary wearing belts in such a fashion is. Not that most of fashion isn't arbitrary, this seems to be extra arbitrary. 

On the other hand, I did feel way more polished with this than I think I would have had I left the fly away cardigan and flying away. I got the coziness and even some flowiness of the fly away, but the polish and tailored feeling with a defined waist and a belt.

On a scale from 1 to 10, how weird to you think non-pants-holding-up belts are?

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