Sunday, January 18, 2015

PRC 5k Training Week 3 & Fight for Air Training Week 7


Monday pm: Easy run 3.0 miles (13:34 pace)

Wednesday pm: Easy-ish run 3.5 miles (12:37 pace)

Thursday pm: Tempo-ish run 2.55 miles (12:08 pace) + bike trainer 20 minutes (est. 4.65 miles)

I wasn't aiming for a goal pace or trying to make it a workout, just running faster to spend less time in the pouring rain!

Friday pm: Easy run 3.05 miles (13:37 pace)

Total biking: 4.65 miles
Total running: 12.1 miles

Saturday was a planned rest day, as my parents were in town for a short visit. Tuesday and Sunday weren't planned rest days. 

Tuesday was stressful and anxiety-driven (discovered a pretty big error on a return I prepared last year); I thought going for a run as soon as I got home would help, but the triggers added up and I broke down in tears before that, and instead of being a good way to burn off negative energy, I was already depleted and heading out the door I got a whole 300 yards before realizing it was just exhausting. I try to use exercise - running in particular - to hold anxiety and depression at bay. If often works, in fact with eating better and more consistent exercise I was able to go off the SSRI about six weeks ago, and Tuesday was the first time I felt like that wasn't working, but sometimes slipping on those habits (a couple days of treats in the office + PMS were definitely factors here) and a handful of bad moments add up to a bad day. 

Today I've just been tired, and wanted to take advantage of the afternoon and evening as my only time to myself over the weekend to laze about (accountants don't get holidays off that fall during tax season). This week was semi-intentionally a cutback week, I've felt a bit burned out, especially while trying to ease into tax season, so I went easy on myself - skipped the weights and workout/speed runs. I'm proud of at least still getting double digit running mileage. I have lots of goals (both weight loss and races) to continue working on, though, so though I gave myself a break for a week, time to get back to building habits starting tomorrow.


  1. Work anxiety sucks. I agree that a lot of the time exercise can help, but there also comes a point when exercise just adds to the stress.

    1. Agreed! This time of year in particular (tax season = 55 - 60 hours a week), it's hard to fit exercise in, a lot of the times making time for it helps, but there's definitely a line where trying to meet some arbitrary exercise or mileage goal because just another stressor. Something I work to balance every year, some times with more success than others. :)


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