Sunday, November 23, 2014

Seattle Half Training Week 7 (Taper)


Monday: Swim 1,100 yards - pyramid workout: 50 yards, 100, 200, 400, 200, 100, 50

It felt nice to be back in the pool! What with having to drive somewhere, change, shower, etc., it feels like much more of a hassle to swim than any other workout (ok, I still change and shower for other workouts, but I have the option to lounge around in the sweaty clothes afterward if I want), so it's one of the first things cut when I get busy or stressed. But it really is a super relaxing way to sweat (and pleasantly warm compared to the outdoors).

Tuesday: Ballet class (75 minutes)

WednesdayEasy run 2.5 miles (14:02 pace)

ThursdayBike trainer 20 minutes (est. 5 miles) + swim 1,100 (same pyramid as Monday)

What?! Back in the pool and on the bike in the same week?! Yeah, after some lackluster weeks, I finally re-found some motivation. 

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Easy run 3.1 miles (13:52 pace) + bike trainer 60 minutes (est. 15.5 miles) - modified from this workout (reduced warm-up to 15 minutes, and recovery between sets to 4.5 minutes)

Sunday: Lazy rainy day

Total swimming: 2,200 yards
Total biking: 20.5 miles
Total running: 5.35 miles

Not as much running as I should have, even considering it's taper, but a fair amount of exercise in total. Enjoyed getting back into swimming and biking (though my butt sure isn't used to sitting a bike seat for that long any more!). I don't know if I'm entirely ready for the half marathon, but to the point of what's done (or undone) is done, so all I can do is do the best I can on race day. 

Also went on a bit of a race-sign-up rampage:

  • PRC Peacock Lane Run (December 15) - Not a race, just a sight-seeing run to see the Christmas lights
  • First Run 5k (January 1) - I've done this for the past couple years, and if you're in Portland I highly recommend it! It's just the right size (small enough to not be crowded, but big enough that even at my slower pace you're not completely by yourself), and a great atmosphere.
  • Fight for Air Climb 80 floors (January 25) - This will be a new challenge, not sure I really know how to train for it, but should be fun!
  • PRC Winter 5k Series (February 22) - This is the third of a series on the same course (unfortunately can't do the first two - out of the town for the first, the second is the same morning as the stair climb), and is a "predict" race - no watches are allowed, but you win by accurately predicting your finish time.


  1. I've never heard of a stair climb event before, 80 floors sounds intense! About how long do you think that will take? How many steps make up each floor? I think 15 floors with an average 5-7 steps would do me in! I can't imagine 80 floors!

    1. I have no idea how long it will take! The event I'm doing doesn't seem to have prior year results (though it is chip timed) on the website, but googling around for similar events, I think 40 floors should be in the vicinity of 15 - 20 minutes.


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