Monday, November 10, 2014

Seattle Half Non-Training Week 5



Tuesday: Run 2.0 miles (12:27 pace)

Thursday: Treadmill run 2.0 miles (11:49 pace, 0.5% incline)

Sunday: Run 2.15 miles (11:42 pace) - errr, so long as it's the longest run of the week, it totally counts as a "long run", right?

Total running: 6.15 miles

Monday was a rest day because I had a massage. After that the week was busy, plus the time change leaving no usable day light after work... blah blah blah. Saturday was spent preparing for game night and otherwise getting stuff done around the house that was desperately needed, and Sunday was devoted to doing some research and preparation for an upcoming presentation at work. 

Super difficult to have the motivation and the time (or the motivation to make the time) this week to do anything training-wise. I still have this upcoming week to peak and get another solid double-digit long run in, and then it's taper time! I was hoping for a new PR, but with only one half in the past 18 months, maybe I need to use this to simply get back in the habit of training for and racing this distance, and build from here for a spring half.

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