Saturday, October 11, 2014


Now that Hera's had about a month to get settled into her new home, it turns out that she's anything but shy! She loves exploring any nook or cranny, and has a tendency to sit in your spot if you get up (after warming it up for her, of course). She's an absolute sweetheart, except for when she's annoyed and swats at you - unlike most cats I've had, who generally bite if you're overpetting them or whatever, Hera does this move that's essentially slapping you in the face.

This past week she's discovered an obsession with my running shoes. Apparently they're good for more than just human exercise.

Imogene still isn't thrilled. Hera, though, keeps trying to make friends with her - or try to pick a fight, we're not sure. In any case, Hera fairly often tries to approach Imogene, and Imogene continues to hiss at her, but is gradually more likely to come into Hera's vicinity of her own volition. Hopefully they eventually will become close feline sisters!

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  1. Aww, I am happy to hear Hera is doing so well! :)


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