Monday, October 13, 2014

Alaska Honeymoon: Seward

Earlier in the honeymoon: Washington. Anchorage.

Friday morning we got up super early and took a taxi to the Alaska Railroad train station. 

The train ride was a beautiful scenic route southward from Anchorage to Seward. We saw:



and glaciers.

We arrived just before lunch time, and luckily the train handles your luggage and checks it on to your cruise ship, so we were free to explore the town for the afternoon before needing to board the ship. Seward is a really cute little town; it actually wouldn't be that difficult to walk end to end, but they also have a free public shuttle making a loop around town during tourist season. 

On the left is Mount Marathon, which has an annual 5k race up and back down it.
The record finishing time, for a mere 5k distance - oh, and 3,000 feet up - is 42 minutes.

For lunch we went into the Ranting Raven for quiches and croissants. Then we took the shuttle to the last shuttle stop at the end of town and walked another mile to so to a disc golf course on the grounds of the middle school. I think this might be one of my favorite courses. Partly because it's only 9 holes :) (instead of the usual 18), but also it has good signage to find the next hole, relatively short fairways, and though some brush to keep things interest, it wasn't too dense so even if you landed in it you could still find our disc.

The disc golf course was on the end of town nearer the port, so after playing we just walked to the ship. We got settled in our stateroom for the remainder of the trip, and after dinner the ship started sailing. We spend the evening exploring the ship and getting a taste of all the available activities - mini golf, daily sheets of puzzles in the library, the gym, and karaoke.

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