Sunday, September 7, 2014

Triathlon Training Week 12

Monday: Aerobic effort 5k time trial (14:37 pace) - this is slower than my first 5k back in 2010! But I really think this is what I need to do to get past my plateau and really built up a solid running base that will allow me to make significant progress.

Tuesday: Fartlek run 3.05 miles (11:45 pace) + swim 1,000 yards

Wednesday: Run 3.2 miles (12:26 pace) - including 1 mile speed test
1.2 mile warm-up - 13:25, 14:03
1 mile test - 10:09
1 mile cool-down - 13:26

Thursday: Open water swim 450 yards - with wetsuit. Similarly to my first open water swim sans wetsuit, I had an initial moment of panic. The wetsuit adds a different type of panic - although it does help you feel secure that you'll stay floating, it constricts across the chest in a way that feels like it's going to keep you from breathing. Definitely a good thing I experienced this before the race!

Friday: Run 1.25 miles (12:15 pace) - easy shakeout run with a few strides

Saturday: Aluminum Man triathlon! 500 meter swim,13.7 mile bike (supposed to be 25k - 15.5 miles, but Garmin measured short enough that I think the course was truly short, not just GPS inaccuracies), 5k run (3.1 miles)

Sunday: LSD run 6.2 miles (14:25 pace)

Total swimming: 1,950 yards
Total biking: 13.7 miles
Total running: 19.9 miles

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