Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Seattle: Chihuly and Space Needle

At the end of August, Abe and I had our now-annual trip to Seattle to meet up with my parents for a Mariners game. This was a Wednesday when they lost terribly to the Rangers. I already shared the sightseeing run we did Thursday morning, but wanted to share a few pictures from Wednesday!

As last time, I had a veggie dog for lunch; Abe had some teriyaki noodle dish from a place also near Section 132 (other veg options at the stadium for actual meal food would primarily just be cheese pizza, I think). After the game we continued chatting with my parents at a froyo place, then checked into our hotel and took a nap. 

We were staying at the Quality Inn near Seattle Center, about a quarter mile away from the Space Needle. Once we got up from our nap, it was near dusk (hence putting off the run til the next morning), but we felt safe enough walking short distances around there. We first walked to have dinner at Ti22, a cute little Thai restaurant. I had my usual, pad see ew, and regretted not getting a specialty housemade drink after trying Abe's lemongrass soda. Super sweet, but good.

Then we headed over to Seattle Center and started at the Chihuly Glass and Garden. (Note: there's a slight discount for buying tickets to both at the same time.) My previous exposure to Chihuly's work was in Vegas (there's a ceiling of glass flowers by him at the Bellagio), but he is from Tacoma, where my mom grew up, so I've been intrigued to see more.

The exhibits are in darkened rooms, with directed lighting on the pieces. There's also the greenhouse and outside garden, which I'm sure are stunning in the sunlight, though beautiful at night when we saw them, too.

After making our way through the all the glass exhibits, we headed next door to the Space Needle. I'd been before, though it's been a long time (it may have been on an eighth grade math team trip?), but this was Abe's first time. I definitely recommend going at night (I think we got there about 9:30 pm) - not only does it make for an amazing view, but there was virtually no line.

Thursday morning we headed out for our sightseeing run - early enough to still shower at the motel afterward, but sadly early enough that some of the sights we wanted to go into weren't open yet for the day (the Central Library, Smith Tower). We had also brought our bikes on the trip, hoping to get a broader tour of the area that way, but ended up not fitting it in. Hopefully on a future visit, though!

On our way back to Portland, we stopped for lunch at Stink, a sandwich shop in Tacoma. We both had the veggie sandwich. If I ate meat any of the other sandwiches would also have looked good, unique yet appealing combinations!

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