Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wedding Week

I tried to keep my wedding plans - the actual event, and the planning and lead-up to it - as laid back as possible. I was adamant that there was no need to take any time off work beforehand; I wouldn't take vacation days to prepare for hosting a mere dinner party or game night, would I? That was my bar for many wedding-related things, to make sure things didn't spiral out of control into bridezilladom - how does this compare to how I host a typical event? A wedding is on a much larger scale, of course, even for a small-ish wedding like ours with 90 attendees, which requires some adjustments, but overall, we wanted it to just be an extra-special game night like we always have - in other words, to be consistent with us

Now that the event is over, I still maintain that that was a reasonable sentiment (especially as I already have Fridays off from work during the summer, so I had two full days to prepare for the Sunday afternoon wedding) - however, the things I packed into the preceding week made it feel pretty hectic!

The Wednesday before was my first Toastmasters speech. This required some preparation and practice the preceding weekend, as well as meeting up with a friend Monday evening to practice. Wednesday night was dinner with Abe's family, including his uncle who was visiting for the wedding.

Thursday afternoon I had a massage (ok, a pretty typical pre-wedding event), followed that evening by something Abe and I have been talking about doing for months, maybe almost a year - a wine painting class! This is one of those studios where they instruct the class, step-by-step, on a particular painting, while you drink wine or beer. (Note: I somehow got the impression - although now I don't see this actually indicated on the website - that at least one beverage was included in the price of the class; it's not. The drinks are an additional charge. About the same price as you'd pay at a bar, but made the class fee feel like a bit less of a value. The class fee does include all the painting supplies, just not drinks.)


I really don't consider myself talented in this artistic genre, but they make it quite easy to follow along and create a painting that does indeed resemble the image it's based on. For "Broadway Stroll", we first made light outlines, where the black lines end up, then painted each section a solid color. Details were then added in layers, including the detail that I found most ingenious - each time we used a different color, as you reached the end of the paint on your brush, you swiped it lightly across the sidewalk to get the reflections! Seems totally obvious, but nothing I would have thought of and that's why I'm not a painter!

Friday was my chance to fit in most of my usual weekend training - two Hood to Coast runs, a medium-distance bike ride, and a swim.

Saturday included another standard pre-wedding activity - manicures and pedicures with my mom and sister. This actually the first time I've ever done either at a salon! And, pathetic though it might be, crosses something off my 30 Before 30 list! Purple on my toes to match my wedding dress, and a neutral shellac polish on my fingernails. 

I am certainly impressed with how well the shellac stands up! Two weeks later, it was still not chipped, even after clipping my nails. Not so impressed once I did some research and realized I had to basically soak my fingers in pure acetone to get it off. Fortunately, by this past weekend it had weakened up enough to peel it off, leaving only minor scratch marks on my nails (covered up in the meantime with a light glittery polish, since I'm not a fan of bright colors on my fingers, just on my toes).

My family also helped with some last minute prep on Saturday, such as cutting and ironing table runners. We had a "non-rehearsal dinner" with our immediate families, but no rehearsal as the wedding party was just us and our officiant.

Although I had been planning on doing a 5k together the morning of our wedding, I didn't feel ready to PR, nor had I gotten a chance to put together "bride" and "groom" t-shirts or anything in time, so we decided it wasn't really worth paying money just to workout. Instead, we did our currently-typical Sunday morning long bike ride, followed by a quick run for a brick workout. The  couple that trains for triathlons together, stays together, right?

Our wedding was on a Sunday afternoon - here's a peek at our photos! I'm totally impressed at how a professional photographer can make even candids look so pretty. :) We worked with Stephanie Kaloi (found via Offbeat Bride), who I would totally recommend! Affordable, great balance of friendly and professional, and timely in providing deliverables.

Stephanie Kaloi
Photo by Stephanie Kaloi


  1. My nails were identical colors at my wedding! It looks like you had a nice week leading up and you looked beautiful! Purple is my favorite color. So flattering.
    Also, Abe is really tall!

    1. Thanks! Yes, he's 6'4", to my 5'0" (wearing 3 or 4" heels in the wedding pic). I'm hoping for our future children that will balance out and they'll be of completely average height. :)

  2. Did the painting place have the option to bring your own alcohol and food? That is what the ones I've been to have been like :) I like your painting! And the cat with the collar one!

    My sister's wedding this summer was my first pedi ever! LOL.

    I look forward to hearing more about the wedding! :)

    1. Thanks! This studio also has a "paint your pet" class, which a coworker of mine did recently (I suspect the cat painting is from one of those). Apparently you send in a photo beforehand, and they sketch it on the canvas for you, so although they're not giving step-by-step instructions in the same way as when the whole class is doing the picture, it's basically paint by number.

      I don't know if you're allowed to bring your own alcohol and food - I'll have to check beforehand if I do it again.

    2. Paint your pet?! I need that. I really, really need that. *off to google*


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