Sunday, August 31, 2014

Triathlon Training Week 11


Monday: Run 2.0 miles (12:22 pace) - a mini progression run of 0.4 mile laps around my block. I wanted to run easy for the first lap (rounded to 12:50), and then go down :15 each lap (12:35, 12:20, 12:05, 11:50).

Actual lap paces:
1 - 12:54
2 - 12:44
3 - 12:32
4 - 11:59
5 - 11:41

Thursday: Sightseeing run 3.85 miles (13:02 pace) - we went on a mini vacation to Seattle to meet up with my parents for a Mariners game (Wednesday's game against the Rangers, where they were basically slaughtered), and the next morning saw some of the city the best way possible - running!

Saturday: LSD run 4.65 miles (14:23 pace) + swim 1,000 yards

LSD run: LSD = long slow distance. This is what long runs are supposed to be - at least 30 seconds - 1 minute slower than race goal pace. Going beyond that, there's a school of thought that I've seen pop up a lot lately in blogs I read - MAF training. This is heart-rate paced training, where you don't let your heart rate raise above a certain amount, basically keeping it to a conversational pace. This is essentially the same as aerobic base training.

I've felt like I've plateaued lately on my mid- to long-distance paces, and also noticed how, even if I'm in shape to run 6 miles or bike 20 miles, I frequently get a bit out of breath walking up stairs or on a brisk walk. I think these are related, and I've spent far too much of my workouts in anaerobic zones. I'm so slow, I've pushed myself to increase my speed without properly building up to it. I'm not as fit as I should be aerobically, regardless of what my leg muscles are capable of pushing my body through. 

I'll do a separate post on my plan in this regards, but did my first attempt at a super slow run this week. I haven't bought a heart rate monitor, but am going on effort - slightly too hard to sing, but could easily carry on a conversation, and feel in terms of both muscle fatigue and cardio/breathing that I could keep going forever. This meant I stayed way slower than I wanted to, and than I'm used to! This really emphasized that even on my "easy" runs (usually averaging around 13:30), I'm used to working at least 80% effort - much harder than aerobic levels.

Mile laps:
1 - 13:17
2 - 13:44
3 - 14:27
4 - 15:19
4.65 - 15:36 

Swim: 4 x 50, 500 (i.e., almost race distance - slightly shorter because my pool is yards and the race is 500 meters), 3 x 100

Sunday: Brick workout: Bike 13.2 miles (14.3 mph) + run 1.6 miles (11:56 pace) - last brick before the triathlon! It's less than a week away!

Total swimming: 1,000 yards
Total biking: 13.2 miles
Total running: 12.1 miles

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