Sunday, August 24, 2014

HTC Training Week 6 & Triathlon Training Week 10


Tuesday: Run 2.5 miles (12:08 pace)

Hood to Coast
Friday AM: 4.55 miles (12:01 pace)
Friday PM: 5.75 miles (13:10 pace)
Saturday AM: 4.1 miles (12:37 pace)

Total running: 16.9 miles

Oops. I don't think I quite realized until finalizing this post that I really did completely skip out on any tri training, no swimming or biking happened. The biking was more due to a busy week, especially during the early evening hours when I'm most inclined to do it (I'd also like to buy some cheap long sleeve shirts to bike in, to minimize any future wounds from probable future falls, and haven't gotten around to doing that yet). Swimming was avoided while my scrapes from last weekend's fall healed; my arm in particular had a very deep scrap that is only just now starting to heal over, so I didn't think chlorine would feel too great.

As mentioned in last week's workout post, though, I was leaning against doing an Olympic distance tri this year, and I've pretty much completed decided that now. There's a running race the week in between the sprint one I'm doing and the Olympic one I was going to do that I really want to do, and have decided that's a higher priority right now. This also means that I'm pretty much overtrained for just doing a sprint (especially as far as bike distance - I've gotten to 25 miles and race distance is only 15.5). I do need to get back to some swimming and biking this week, and I'll be sure to fit in another open water swim (probably just the Thursday before the race, so I'll already have the race-weekend-wetsuit-rental available for it). But overall I feel prepared enough for it.

Hood to Coast was very fun! I definitely want to do it again at some point. I'm less sore than I thought I'd be, so I probably could have pushed a bit harder. The first two legs I was trying to conserve energy, but by the last leg I was too tired to put much more into it.

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