Sunday, August 10, 2014

HTC Training Week 4 & Triathlon Training Week 8 & Honeymoon Week 2

Monday through Friday of this week we were still on our honeymoon; through Friday morning in fact still on the cruise. So still a bit of a challenge to fit in formal workouts around all the other available things to do, but tried to make up for it this weekend once we got home!


Monday: Swim 500 yards.
Active non-workouts: Walked about 2 miles to the disc golf course just outside of Skagway (at the opposite end from the pier) (we took a bus back) + played half a round of disc golf + hiked about 1 mile on the zip line course. Also stairs (see explanation on previous week's recap). 

The swim was in one of the (two) pools on ship, which I measured with my arm span and think was about 40 feet long. Though short, obviously, it wasn't too short to sort of get into a groove before turning around. It was saline, though, rather than chlorine, and getting a taste of salt in my mouth every time I breathed was just too odd to swim any longer than I did. I'm sure one gets used to it if you swim in a saline pool regularly, but it was just very weird when I'm used to chlorine. (At least I think the swim was Monday, I'm not 100% sure. But sometime during this week I did swim 500 yards in the ship pool.)

Tuesday: Run 3.6 miles (12:41 pace) - in Icy Strait Point. 
Active non-workouts: Walked about 1 mile around town + stairs.

Icy Strait Point isn't really its own town, but more a tourist destination (not fake like Disneyland, it actually is partly educational and has museum exhibits, being the historic site of a salmon cannery, but nonetheless a bit commercialized), so there wasn't a ton else to do there (the biggest attraction was the world's longest zip line - over a mile long - but very expensive and we prioritized other excursions). We did a few loops of a trail that included the beach and the "nature loop" in a forested area; near the end we discovered a pave trail heading towards the nearest actual town (Hoonah).

Wednesday: No official workouts; sightseeing in Ketchikan. 
Active non-workouts: Kayaked for about 2 hours + walked about 1 mile around town + stairs around town (on steep hills where sidewalks turn into staircases ala San Francisco) (I'd estimate the equivalent of 10 flights of stairs) + stairs on the ship.

Among the Tatoosh Islands in the Tongass National Forest.

Thursday: Run 5.1 miles (11:07 pace!) - 32 laps around the ship track. Another cruising day, no port.
Active non-workouts: Rock climbing + stairs.

Friday: No official workouts; getting off the ship and traveling back home.
Active non-workouts: Walked about 1 mile between various forms of transportation.

Saturday am: Run 6 miles (12:22 pace) - HTC practice run 1 of 2. This run was 4 out and backs down and up two hills, entirely running down and doing 0.20/0.05 run/walks intervals up.
Downhill goal = <11:30 pace. Uphill goal = <13:59 pace.
Hill A down/up: 10:34/13:25
Hill B down/up: 10:00/14:00
Hill A down/up: 11:14/13:48
Hill B down/up: 10:52/14:57
The second hill is steeper, allowing for both faster barreling down, and a harder time coming back up. I actually felt really strong after this run, and super proud of my overall pace. Until I went out for my second run of the day, anyway...

Saturday mid: Open water swim 450 yards. The TRI Team has had a couple open water sessions that I missed while out of town, so this was my first time! I briefly panicked in my first attempt of swimming out from the shallow waters where I could touch the ground, but our coach stayed with me (while sending the others, who were more experienced, out with the assistant coach), and by the end of 20-ish minutes, was starting to feel a lot more comfortable. Still need lots of work on sighting, though.

Saturday pm: Run 4 miles (13:29 pace) - HTC practice run 2 of 2. After several hours, fatigue from the morning run had started to set in, and my legs were pretty much dead. I actually came inside a little after 3 miles, intending to quit early, before talking myself back into finishing a minimum distance (I actually initially, as in when planning out workouts earlier in the week, planned to do 6 for this run, as well, but dropped that unrealistic idea basically as soon as I started).

Sunday: Bike 5.6 miles (11.3 mph) - we intended to do our usual 20-ish mile ride in the morning, but slept in, a lot (I guess we needed it - the trip was fun, but not particularly restful). Then Abe had a thing in the afternoon, and blah blah, by the time we set out it was 7:30, and the sun was in my eyes (I don't currently have a pair of prescription sunglasses), and my legs felt soo dead from yesterday's runs. This was all I could manage, while staying on roads without much traffic (cause I didn't feel safe with the sun so low in my and drivers' eyes), and just being so fatigued.

Total swimming: 950 yards
Total biking: 5.6 miles
Total running: 18.70 miles
Total stairs: 190 flights

This is my peak training week for Hood to Coast (two weeks from this past Friday!), and I wish I'd gotten past 20 miles. I also know my low biking was a bit of a cop-out; I should have prioritized it earlier in the day to make sure it happened, and also could have done another stationary bike workout on the cruise.

Saturday's morning run was an absolutely fabulous workout - if I'd done it mid-week as a strength/speed workout, surrounded by easier runs. As part of a weekend with the intent to do several long workouts, not such a great plan. It truly did, to an extent, get in the way of other workouts. Even though my next race is just running, it is in the midst of triathlon training, and I need to be more careful to balance all the disciplines.


  1. Kudos to you for taking a 2 week honeymoon and for staying so active! I am always impressed when I see two a days, even if they're informal.
    Any chance there's a wedding post coming? I'm curious about how a race on the day of your wedding went!

    1. There will be a wedding post soon! Probably early next week - photographer is sending a USB drive with photos in the mail today. :)

      We actually didn't end up doing a race that morning. :( I wasn't really in PR shape, and didn't have time during the preceding week to make bride/groom t-shirts, etc., just a variety of factors that didn't seem like it'd be worth the effort. We did a really great brick workout together that morning, instead, though!


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