Sunday, June 29, 2014

FT Flat Half Training Week 7 & Triathlon Training Week 2


Monday: Bike 4 miles (10.0 mph) + run 3 miles (13:03 pace) + core work

Tuesday AM: Run 1 mile (13:12 pace)
Tuesday PM: TRI Team swim practice 850 yards

Wednesday: TRI Team group run 2.8 miles (11:32 pace)
This was closer to my tempo pace than my easy pace, despite Coach Molly's instructions, but it allowed me to keep up with part of the group! And it actually wasn't nearly as hard an effort as I would have expected for that pace (fortunately it was a nice flat route along the waterfront).

Thursday: Swim 1,000 yards + run 1 mile (10:30 pace!)
Swim workout (adapted from 0 to 1650 week 1) - 4 x 25, 4 x 50, 4 x 100, 4 x 50, 4 x 25

Friday: Run 1 mile (12:24 pace)

Saturday: Swim 1,000 yards (same workout as Thursday)

Sunday: Run 6.2 miles (13:27 pace) + bike 9.7 miles (9.7 mph)

Total swimming: 2,850 yards
Total biking: 13.7 miles
Total running: 15.0 miles

I gave up on the running streak on Saturday - last summer when I did a 30-day streak it was actually quite motivating, but I think because of all the tri training it was just too much. It's not like I'm not already doing some form of exercise every day anyway, you know? This streak did last for 33 days.

I'm still loving swimming - it's so soothing and relaxing! Especially when the pool isn't busy and I get a lane to myself. To build up my endurance, I've started doing workouts from 0 to 1650 (the swimming equivalent of Couch to 5k), to build up to swimming a mile straight without resting.

Biking is still a bit frustrating, though always improving. Molly adjusted my seat forward as far as it will go, so it's easier to reach the brakes, and I don't have the hands going numb issue anymore. I'm still not super steady, though - letting go of the handlebars to signal is still a touch nerve-wracking, and reaching for a water bottle while moving is out of the question.

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