Sunday, June 22, 2014

FT Flat Half Training Week 6 & Triathlon Training Week 1


Monday: Run 1 mile (12:41 pace) + swim 750 yards + core work

Tuesday: TRI Team swim practice 850 yards + run 1 mile (11:25 pace)

Wednesday AM: Run 3 miles (12:18 pace)

Thursday: Run 5 miles - tempo (goal = 11:30) (12:09 overall, 11:33 tempo pace) + swim 800 yards
1 warm-up: 12:00
3 tempo: 11:20, 11:23, 11:56
1 cool-down: 14:05 

Friday: Run 1 mile (12:01 pace) + bike trainer workout 40 minutes (est. 8 miles)

Saturday: Run 10 miles (13:57 pace) + bike 5.65 miles (8.8 mph)
Did my long run at the Tualatin Hills Nature Park - some paved trails, but the majority is dirt/gravel. Nothing too technical or steep. I had to do some duplicate loops to get in the total mileage I needed, but a pretty place to run, and I definitely appreciated being on tree-shaded trails considering how I always end up delaying my run until later in the morning after it starts warming up!

Sunday: TRI Team bike ride 12.2 miles (12.8 pace) + run 2 miles (12:37 pace)

Total swimming: 2,400 yards
Total biking: 25.85 miles
Total running: 23.0 miles

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