Monday, December 9, 2013

Choir Widow

Is that a thing? Like a sports widow. Although Abe is in various choirs and productions year-round, obviously the Christmas season is a popular one for performances. This past week he had: community choir rehearsal Tuesday and Thursday evening, church choir rehearsal Wednesday evening, community choir performances Friday and Saturday evening, and caroling performances Saturday and Sunday afternoon. I feel exhausted just looking at that schedule. 

Looks like next weekend will be more of the same. As an introvert, I'm certainly not opposed to the occasional weekend to myself (though we did get to have lunch together yesterday, in between caroling gigs). I took advantage of it to binge-watch a teenage soap opera on netflix (Secret Life of the American Teenager - Mayim Bialik had an entertaining recurring role in the second season), and basically do a lot of nothing. 

I did manage a "long" run - 5.5 miles - on Saturday afternoon! I know 90% of the rest of the country is having this cold spell, too, but we're really not used to it here! The upcoming weather this week (40 degrees and raining) is much more typical of winter weather.

It was the warmest part of the day when I went out (early afternoon), and it was still only 27 degrees and windy. I was actually surprised I didn't feel colder than I did, once I got going. 

I don't really have any serious winter running clothes, but I finally found a pair of winter running pants that (1) come in petite length, and (2) aren't tapered tights. Of course, I still had to shorten the petite length by 1 1/2", but they're comfy and warm! On top, I only layered a short sleeve and long sleeve shirt, with gloves and a headband. Oddly, the only part that stayed cold was my stomach, even though I didn't need my gloves the whole time.

Yesterday I tried another run, in similar temps, but it was closer to dusk, and actually felt really chilly. A half mile in, I didn't feel like I was warming up at all, so I turned around and only did a single mile. I'd much rather snuggle up on the couch with Imogene and watch more tv. :)

How are you handling the cold weather? What temp is your cutoff for running outdoors?

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