Tuesday, November 19, 2013


NaBloPoMo prompt: How much of the day are you plugged in? Do you consciously set aside offline time, or does it happen whenever it happens?

Oh, geez. You previously saw where I spend a ton of time after work; this is where I spend time at work:

So, basically, all day and evening is spent sitting in front of computer. Of course while at work I'm using the computer for work, but it does make it very easy to spend breaks dinking around on facebook and blogs, rather than putting the time to better use by socializing or exercising.

There are occasional days where I happen to not spend much of my free time online; for example the two days that I haven't posted this month for NaBloPoMo are because I was spending the day with Abe, and didn't want to take away from that to spend time on my computer.

It do realize it would be useful in many ways to deliberately limit my online time. Last night I was thinking about this and tried to stay productive and busy for most of the evening - went to the gym and read while riding the stationary bike, sorted through items previously set aside to donate, etc. I still had time to take care of minor daily chores such as running the dishwasher, but it didn't feel like such a rush to fit in those chores, as it often does when I've spent the whole evening being very unproductive and just trying to do something worthwhile before going to bed. I felt better, got things done, and didn't eat as much crap.

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