Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Modified Accomplishments

NaBloPoMo prompt: What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Thinking about the various things that I could consider accomplishments, I immediately starting downplaying them, in various ways.

I ran a full marathon! But I didn't do everything the training plan said, and ran the long runs at too slow a pace for my goal time. If I'd trained better, I could have had a much better time.

I completed a masters' degree! But I took time off for stupid (to me, now) reasons, and it took me five and a half years. If I'd stuck to the original plan, I could have finished it two years earlier.

I got promoted to manager! But it took a year longer than I originally intended, and partly because I started reduced hours to deal with other things. If I managed to work 40 hours like everyone else, I could have been promoted earlier.

But, on the other hand, does that make it more of an accomplishment? Does it matter if the factors that led to committing less to it were all or partly under my control? They were still factors that made the journey more difficult, yet ultimately I still accomplished the final goal. 

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