Tuesday, November 5, 2013


NaBloPoMo prompt: Tell us about your writing space. Where do you write your blog posts?

This is where I spend way too much of my time, writing blog posts and other leisure activities. I read blogs and blog critique, communicate with my family and friends via gmail and facebook, and watch TV shows on Hulu and Netflix. I also usually eat dinner sitting here (my dining room table tends to be covered with some project or other - currently with a ship in a bottle kit and related supplies, and some pants that need hemming).

I actually had a desktop computer until about a year ago. The laptop I had from college starting dying about the same time I was beginning online classes for my masters degree. My course work was fairly similar to my tasks for my job, for which I have three monitors. Going "paperless" requires multiple screens to view multiple documents and programs at the same time. Since I needed a new computer, I figured having a desktop with two monitors would make my classes easier (generally to have a research program on one screen, and a Word document or the class discussion open on the other). I had also had some bad experiences with small components of a laptop dying and not readily replaceable (the plug-in of a power cord, the CD drive, etc.), and figured a desktop would allow for upgrading components more efficiently.

It was useful, to a degree (pun not intended), to have a desktop for my classes, but I was getting sick of having to sit at a desk to dink around on the internet instead of be lazy while lounging comfortably on my couch, so by the time I could justify an upgrade, I went back to a laptop. I soon regretted it, and remembered my "a desktop has more accessible components" theory, when the CD drive (the kind where the disc goes into the computer, the drive itself doesn't eject) ate a disc. Fortunately, I'm facebook friends with one of the IT guys at work, so my online complaint resulted in an offer to bring it in for him to look at. He ended up having to take apart the entire thing to retrieve the disc - not once, but twice, since retrieval of the first stuck disc did nothing to fix whatever caused it to get stuck in the first place. (I've since bought an external disc drive and no longer use the built-in one). 

PS: Not directly related to this post, and not a source for which I can vouch for the reliability, but I came across this article while googling the "sitting is the new smoking" concept to come up with a creative title for this post (I failed, clearly), and it's an interesting take on the message that's been going around: 'Sitting is the New Smoking'? Well, No, But Got Your Attention

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