Sunday, November 17, 2013

K-Basic Week 4


Monday: 1 mile run (10:52 pace) + K-Basic weeks 3/4 workout 1

Tuesday: 1.5 treadmill speed workout (1% incline, 11:10 pace)
2 minutes @ 5.0 (12:00)
3 x [2 minutes @ 6.3 (9:31 - 5k goal pace), 2 minutes @ 4.8 (12:30)]
2:45 minutes @ 5.0 (12:00)

Wednesday: 1 mile run (10:43 pace) K-Basic weeks 3/4 workout 2

Sunday: 35 minute walk with Abe +  K-Basic weeks 3/4 workout 3

Total running: 3.5 miles

So... broke the running streak. :( Been super busy with work, coming down with a cold... all I want to do after work is sit on the couch, not head out in the cold weather for a run. Working on changing that for the upcoming week.

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