Monday, November 18, 2013


NaBloPoMo prompt: Tell us about a blog post that you didn't publish.

I actually can't think of any posts that I wrote and didn't publish because I thought they would be controversial or anything. I do have some strong opinions about things, and not always in line with the most popular opinion. But I have doubts about my ability to effectively express those opinions, so I tend to not try to attempt those sort of arguments in a context like my blog, where it'd be easy to be misunderstood. 

Any concept/idea/prompt that I start a post about but don't post is usually the result of writer's block and/or laziness and not finishing the post in the first place. See also: I procrastinate a lot. I've currently published 193 posts on this blog; in comparison I have almost a quarter of that number (43) sitting in drafts, plus at least that many that I've deleted over the past 18 months.

Do you find it easier to express difficult opinions in writing or in person?

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