Monday, November 25, 2013

Donating Hair to CWHL

After looking into the various organizations that take hair donations, I picked Children with Hair Loss (CWHL). CWHL is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that started in 2000 to provide hair replacements at no cost to children who have lost hair due to any medical condition (such cancer, alopecia, and burns). 

1. Grow out hair. My hair started just a little longer than the length I cut it to, and it took about two years (with a couple short trims along the way) to grow out enough to donate and have chin-length hair left. Avoiding hair dye or other chemical processes is preferred by CWHL, and required by some organizations.

2. Go to any hair salon to get your hair cut. Although salons sometimes partner with organizations to provide free or discounted hair cuts for people donating, you can go where you'd like, just read up on the requirements so you can give proper instructions to your hair stylist.

3. Have your stylist start the hair cut by putting your hair into multiple ponytails or braids, placing the rubber bands (my stylist recommended these instead of the hair ties I had brought, so they would stay in place better) just below where you want the cut to be. Using multiple ponytails will maximum the hair available to donate and what's left. Cut a little above the rubber band so it will stay in place. Then continue your hair cut as usual. Be sure to give a good tip to your stylist for the extra step!

4. Making sure the ponytails are completely dry (my stylist waited until after cutting off the ponytails to wet my hair for the real cut), put in a ziploc bag. Mail with the CWHL donation form and, if possible, a monetary donation.

5. Enjoy your new hair style!

I highly recommend donating hair at least once in your life! It's really a super easy way to give to those in need.

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  1. Thank you for doing this! My chid is a cancer survivor and it really means a lot to know people "out there" are doing kind things for kids totally unknown to them! :-)


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