Thursday, October 24, 2013

Three Things Thursday: Awesome Blog Posts

I'm not a parent* yet, but a lot of blogs that I read happen to be written by moms. These blog posts, although ostensibly about being a mom, contain some useful ideas about being human.

*My word choice of parent, rather than mom, when not only the below posts, but most discussion about work/life balance centers around moms, is deliberate. Why the hell are women the only ones that are supposed to be concerned about this? Perhaps both men and women could find balance easier if both men and women valued balance between work, family, and self-fulfillment.

1. Having It All by Michelle of Crazy Running Legs

What is "all"? Shouldn't having it "all" mean being happy and content with your life, whatever that life includes?

2. Transitioning to Being a SAHM: Emotions by Brittany of A Healthy Slice of Life

Finding your identity and internal validation in tasks that aren't conventionally considered accomplishments.

3. Of Maria Kang, Motherhood, and Fitspiration a guest post on Fit and Feminist.

The (or one of the) problems with "no excuses" is that it assumes there's a certain end goal we should all be trying to achieve.


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