Thursday, September 5, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. Tracey posted "Why participate if I'm not going to win?" As someone who finished my most recent half marathon in just fifteen minutes under the top woman's full marathon finish time at the same event (and five minutes more than the top man/overall winner of the marathon), I certainly don't go into races expecting to place. I sometimes feel weird explaining that I keep signing up for longer and longer races despite being so slow, but this list is why.

2. A facebook friend shared this article about a girls' clothing line sans the usual pink, purple, flowers, and butterflies - Girls Will Be.

3. I found Robyn's blog Brightest Bulb in the Box: Beauty for Critical Minds via the SOMI (stay on my internets - i.e., blogs we like) forum on GOMI. Although I have almost zero interest in fashion or beauty blogs in general - the name was intriguing, so I clicked on it, and found myself enjoying it immensely! She's intelligent, entertaining, and informative. Most of her posts are reviews of specific products, but last weekend she had a great post on Unnecessarily Detailed Information about Earwax and Ear Cleaning


  1. Replies
    1. Well, there are still plenty of people running literally* twice as fast as me. You're still amazing for running, at whatever speed. :)

      *I mean "literally" as in its actual definition, not this newfangled "literally means not literally" definition.


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