Tuesday, April 16, 2013


As I've gotten into running, it's crossed my mind how cool it would be to run Boston. Not that it could ever happen - (1) no matter how much I improve I doubt I'd ever run fast enough to qualify, and (2) I'd have to change careers to be able to train for a marathon that takes place mid-April.

But I still identify as part of the running community - I'd even been planning to work on my marathon training plan today (since I have it off from work) - so this hits quite close to home. It really is any kind of event that could be a target of violence.

(A note: The IRS is allowing an automatic 3-month extension for paying taxes and filing returns due April 15 for taxpayers living in Suffolk County, or otherwise affected by the Boston events.)

Some blog posts from last night and today with more eloquent thoughts:

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  1. Hey, thanks for including me. I haven't read a couple of these, I'll go check them out...

    I think it's human nature to try to identify with the people involved in a tragedy like this and I guess I just hope I didn't butcher that sentiment too badly. Take care.


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