Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hippie Chick Half Training: Week 5


Monday: 2.5 mile run (12:32 pace)

Tuesday: 2 mile run (12:25 pace) + 30 Day Shred level 1 workout

Friday: 8 mile run (12:56 pace)

Saturday: 90 minute yoga class

Sunday: Earth Day Run 5 mile race (11:41 pace) + treadmill speedwork (1.25 miles total, 12:00 average pace)

Total miles: 18.75

Yay, another tax season's over! I'm trying to get back on track with my half marathon training, including some speedwork and some strength training.

The 5 mile race was fun; Abe ran it with me. We were both last in our age groups, but met my goal of under an hour - 58:27. 


  1. Are you so excited for the Hippie Chick? I am behind on my training but am only doing the quarter so it shouldn't be so bad although i guarantee more walking than i had planned originally

    1. I don't feel quite as prepared as I'd like to (haven't done all the long runs I planned to), but still looking forward to it! It was my first half marathon last year, so I feel sentimental about it.


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