Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Week of Running Again


Monday: 2.15 mile run (12:25 pace)

Tuesday: 1 mile treadmill walk (0.5% incline)

Wednesday: 3.15 mile run (12:47 pace)

Thursday: 3 mile run (12:32 pace)

Friday: 1.5 treadmill walk (1.5% incline)

Saturday: 4 mile run (12:20 pace)

Sunday: Rest day

Total miles: 12.3

Running felt so great this week! Well, great in that it was enjoyable. I am, however, having some issues still with my left ankle - it doesn't feel twisted or sprained, more like tight or kind of bruised? It hurts for the first half mile or so of a run, and then fades to a mild annoyance. 

It's nice that the days have been getting longer (and although I don't like the time change to/from daylight savings, at least now the evenings are even longer!), so I can take a break from work sometime after 5 to go for a run (it's a nice neighborhood to be in) and then head back in to work for a couple more hours.

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