Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday

Nothing terribly exciting, but sharing it anyways. :)

(I did have photos in here at one point, and then I was trying to organize my google+ photo albums, and didn't realize that if I had uploaded something directly from google+ to this post, deleting it there would delete it here. I've also changed phones since then, and am having technical difficulties trying to access photos on the old phone. The photos weren't that exciting anyway.)

Breakfast: Luna bar, HiBall

Morning snack: A few Food Should Taste Good chips (sadly, the bag I had left at work was much more empty than I realized, otherwise I would have brought more) with beet dip (a new batch I made this weekend, the original batch is long since eaten up! I put some of it in the freezer this time, to see how it'll fare.), tea with raw sugar

Lunch: "Westwood pasta" (leftovers from a client lunch yesterday at a restaurant that's basically a steakhouse) - pasta in a white wine sauce with garlic, tomatoes (well, there were tomatoes in it yesterday), basil, spinach, feta, and parmesan. It was supposed to come with chicken, but easy to ask for that to be left off to make a vegetarian entree.

Snack: Orange

Dinner: Amy's 4-cheese pizza (shown + one more slice), salad with pomegranate

Dessert: Julie's peppermint ice cream

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