Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday

I finally managed another vegan day! As I've mentioned previously, I'm cutting back on dairy products, so I probably only have a few meals a week that are really dairy-based (such as cheese pizza) (versus at least one meal a day for the past 13 years), but I tend to have at least a string cheese for a snack or minor ingredients in something most days.

(I did have photos in here at one point, and then I was trying to organize my google+ photo albums, and didn't realize that if I had uploaded something directly from google+ to this post, deleting it there would delete it here. I've also changed phones since then, and am having technical difficulties trying to access photos on the old phone. The photos weren't that exciting anyway)

Breakfast: Luna bar, banana, HiBall energy drink

Lunch: Taco with lettuce, refried beans, black beans and salsabeet dip and Food Should Taste Good tortilla chips; green pepper; diet coke

Partly because a properly assembled taco (in my opinion) should not have had visible ingredients, and partly to show off what I think is a pretty ingenious way of bringing taco components to work:

I put the tortilla in the 6-cup Pyrex, and then put the 3-cup Pyrex on top/inside of that for the other ingredients. I only use the lid for the 6-cup container to enclose the entire thing (and try to keep it fairly flat during transport). At work, I microwave the tortilla on a plate, then put the lettuce on the tortilla and set aside the salsa, micowave the beans in the 3-cup container, then add the beans and salsa to the tortilla.

Snack: Uncle Eddie's vegan cookies

Dinner-ish/snack (at work): Clementine orange, mixed roasted nuts
Dinner-ish/snack part 2 (at home): French baguette with beet dip, carrots, and I'm about to have one more cookie

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