Sunday, January 13, 2013

K-Fit: Week 7 Recap


Monday: Rest day (Massage day, actually! During the rest of the year I get a massage about once a month - Massage Envy makes it affordable, but during tax season I go at least every three weeks, sometimes every other week. Sitting at a computer for 55+ hours a week makes one's back quite tight! While I was there I scheduled out my appointments for the rest of tax season, including a extra-long 90-minute massage on April 16. :) )

Tuesday: K-Fit Weeks 7/8 workout 1

Wednesday: 1.5 mile treadmill run (eh, better than nothing, right?) (0.5% incline, 11:04 pace)

Thursday: 5 minutes of yoga + 2.35 mile run (11:42 pace)

Friday: Treadmill speed workout (0.5% incline, total 2.4 miles in 24:40)

Speed workout:
  Sets of 4 1-minute intervals at:
    5.2 (11:32), 6.0 (10:00), 6.5 (9:14), 6.0 (10:00)
    5.2 (11:32), 6.1 (9:50), 6.6 (9:05), 6.1 (9:50)
    5.2 (11:32), 6.2 (9:41), 6.7 (8:57), 6.2 (9:41)
  One minute break
    5.2 (11:32), 6.0 (10:00), 6.5 (9:14), 6.0 (10:00)
    5.2 (11:32), 6.1 (9:50), 6.6 (9:05), 6.1 (9:50)
    5.2 (11:32), 6.2 (9:41), 6.7 (8:57), 6.2 (9:41)
  40 seconds at 5.0 (12:00) to round up mileage

Saturday: Inadvertent rest day

Sunday: K-Fit Weeks 7/8 workout 2 (half of it - I only did two circuits instead of four) + 6.55 mile run (12:00 pace) - Although I had to pause briefly at a couple traffic lights in the first and last mile (on the way to/from the park where I ran most of it), I didn't stop to walk at all! 

Total miles: 12.8

My goal for running during tax season is to maintain a base that allows me to PR at the Hippie Chick half marathon in May with only a month of dedicated training post-tax day. I would like to have a minimum of 15 miles a week, but I'll consider anything in the double digits satisfactory. 

I'm disappointed I didn't make it to yoga class this week, but on Saturday, between work and seeing Les Mis (which was totally worth it!), I was only home for a couple hours, so I just didn't want to spend the time on Sunday driving to and being at class, especially since I also wanted to fit in a long run. Oh well. 

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