Sunday, November 4, 2012

Holiday Half Training: Week 8 Recap


Monday: 3.2 mile run (12:45 pace)

Tuesday: circuit training (2 times thru) + CNC plank challenge time trial (45 seconds) (and a few even less successful attempts)

Wednesday: rest/lazy day

Thursday: 2.1 mile treadmill run (11:39 pace) + CNC plank challenge workout 2 

Friday: 4.0 mile run (12:20 pace) + circuit training (2 times thru)

Saturday: 4.0 mile run (12:07 pace) + CNC plank challenge time trial (1:05.76)

Sunday: 9.0 mile run (13:42 pace)

Total miles: 22.3

Yay, weekly mileage over 20 miles! First time I've ever done that! 

I know that long training runs are supposed to be slower than your goal race pace (by 0:30 - 1:00 per mile, is what I usually see recommended) - but this long run was about two minutes slower per mile! I'd certainly like to improve that, but I'm proud for setting another non-race personal distance record, and I kept my walking to a minimum - usually about half a mile in between walking breaks, even towards the end. My current "rules" are that I only walk for up to 0.05 at a time, and have to run for at least 0.25 in between walking. On a shorter run, on a good day, I usually only take a walking break about once per mile, at most. On an off day I might actually take a walking break every quarter mile, but no more than that!

I've been doing my weekday runs after work - I can leave right at 5, be home, changed, and heading out the door about 5:30. Sunset has been around 6, so it's certainly dusk by the time I get home, but usually not completely dark yet. Now that we are on (or off? Never been sure which time is the "real" time) daylight savings, that's not going to happen for a while. I've been looking at reflective vests and such, but I'm not quite comfortable running after dark. Sunset tomorrow is at 4:52! 

My biggest concern, which I realized this week on my run on Friday (4 miles is a little long for a weekday run, so it was officially dark by the time I was done), isn't just being seen, but that I can't see through car windshields to make eye contact with drivers. I swear that drivers only look left to see oncoming traffic, never right, even if they're turning right! I absolutely never step in front of car until I've made eye contact with the driver and feel confident that they know I'm there. But the darkness made that difficult.  

I'm also not a fan of running on a treadmill, as one alternative. I do tend to run faster, but 2 - 2.5 miles is about my limit before I get bored. My dream is to get up an hour early (which due to DLS will be the time I was used to getting up, so I should be capable of doing that ,right?) and run outside in the mornings. We'll see how that goes...

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