Saturday, October 6, 2012

Yes, It Does Wash Out

Last weekend I ran the Color Run - "the happiest 5k on the planet".


(I'm the short one)

It was kind of frustrating, as far as the race itself. It was a pretty big event - 16,000 people. Although I've been in larger races (Race for the Cure or the Shamrock Run in Portland are around 35,000 people), at other races people line up by pace. For the Color Run, you just line up when you're ready, and they start a bunch of people every five minutes or so for an hour. It also seemed like a novelty race like this attracts people who really don't run - no big deal if you walk, but etiquette demands that you move to the right and let people go around you (and they announced this at the start line). Instead, huge groups of people just spread out across the course, casually walking. Even my friend Jessica who herself walked most of it, was annoyed by slower walkers who weren't paying attention to people wanting to go around them. It's not like I was trying to set a new 5k PR, but it's the Color Run people, I wanted to run!

There were four "color zones" on the race (I thought it was when you reached a kilometer mark, but the length after the fourth color zone was way longer, so they were just during the first four kilometer, not at the end of each), with people scooping powdered color out of barrels and throwing it on you. You kind of had to work to get in the right spots, this was actually all the colored I was immediately after running:

Then after the finish line, they sporadically have a color blast, where everyone has packets of color to throw up in the air; I ended up with a lot in my hair!

Eh, it was fun and worth doing once, but for the most part I'll stick with smaller races.

My shirt when I got home:

After I washed it!

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